Neapolis didrachm 450 - 340 BC

Obv: Head of Nymph Right. Rev: Man headed bull facing right crowned by nike flying right above in ex "Neopolitis" (in Greek). Metal: Silver 7.8 grams, 18 mm diameter. Condition: VF.

History of Naples

A Greek colony of Rhodes, but recolonized by Kymaians around 600 BC. Originally named Parthenope (for the Mermaid) and later changed to Palaepolis. Colonist from Cuma renamed the city Neapolis (new city) around 450 BC. Like many Greek cities, Neapolis was independent and did not join any Greek confederations. As a lone city, it was easily dominated by any empire and at various times was under the control of Oscans, Umbrians, Etruscans, and Campanians. Allied to Rome in 326 BC. Neapolis was the main commercial port into Campanian. The city maintained its Greek character, therefore was a popular tourist resort for Romans. The city grew with the addition of inhabitants from Herculaneum and Pompey after their destruction in 79 AD. Pliny describes the area of Campanian as a region blessed by Fortune.