Calabria, Taras (Tarentum) Didrachm 

Obv: Naked Boy sitting on prancing horse crowning with right hand right. Rev: Taras sitting on dolphin with kantharps and cornocopia below "TAR" (in Greek). Metal: Silver 6.8 grams, 20 mm diameter. Condition: EF.

History of Calabria

Located in the heal of the Italian boot geography. A major Greek colony in Italy established by "Phalanthos" of Sparta, who was supposed to have been rescrued from the sea by a dolphin. By tradition the year of founding was 706 BC. The legend is that while the Spartan's army was away for many years to conquer Messenia, there was born many children "maidens sons" by the wifes left behind. With the return of the army, the fathers of the "maidens sons" mostly surfs were banished to Tarentum. But, it seems that the "maidens sons" also had rights and later claimed their birth rights in Tarentum bringing Spartan culture and religion with them. Tarentum had good farm lands and the finest harbor in Southern Italy, but the citizens mainly prospered due to their cloth industry that included the production of purple dye from the murex. A democratic government was firmly established in Tarentum in 473 BC. The city reached its highest prosperity under the guidance of the philosopher and scientist "Archytas" in the fourth century BC. "Pyrrhos" of Epeiros made Tarentum his base in Italy during his costly campaign (Pyrhic victory) against Italy and Sicily in 280 BC. The city surrendered to the Romans in 272 BC. The city was occupied by Hannabal in the second Punic war 212 - 209 BC.