Metapontum Stater 510 - 480 BC. 

Obv: Ear of Barley "META" on right. Rev: Incuse Ear of Barley" This is a sample of an early attempt to replace the punch mark with a design. The design is incuse as were the punch marks of the previous century. Metapontum coins were of a thin fabric and by having the incuse design on the reverse, the obverse design can be very high. Most Greek city states by the 6th century BC had stopped using the incuse/punch design, but it continued in some Italian states into the 5th century BC. Metal: Silver 6.69 grams, 21mm diameter. Condition: VF/EF with dark cabinet toning.

History of Metapontum

Located in the instep of the Italian boot geography. An ancient Greek colony in Italy that grew rich from agriculture. The barley ear is a symbol of the cities agricultural wealth and of the God Demeter. The citizens of Metapotum dedicated a gold offering, in the shape of a barley ear, to Apollo at Delphi. Metapotum became part of Lucania in 300 BC which later fell under the influence of Rome in 272 BC. During the second Punic war Metapotum supported Hannibal 212 - 207 BC against Rome.