Roman Empire Galba Denarius 68 -69 AD

Obv: Laureated head r."IMP SER GALBA CAESAR AVG"
Rev: Liva standing left holding patera and scepter "DIVA AVGVSTA"

. Metal: Silver 3.2 grams, 19 mm diameter. Condition: F

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History of Galba

Galba was 70 years old when he was declared emperor by his troops in Spain (the first time an emperor had been declared outside of Rome). The transition was not easy, as Galba only had one legion but he quickly gained support (it appears that alliances had already been made) from Lusitania, Baetica, Egypt, Africa and Mauretania.

He arrived in Rome on 8 June 68. He ordered the return of all property and money taken by Nero, but he refused to pay any bonus to the army. Galba's appointed officials were very corrupt it is said that more was stolen in 7 months than in the entire 13 years of Nero's reign.

In January 69, the legions in Germany declared Vitellius their new emperor. Meanwhile in Rome "Otho" won over the praetorian guard and siezed power. Galba went to the forum to confront the rebels, where he was attacked and killed by Otho's men.

Tacitus wrote an interesting epitaph "... all would have agreed that he was equal to the imperial office if he had never held it"