Roman Empire Nero Denarius 54 - 68 AD

Obv: Laureated Head right "IMP NERO CAESAR AVG P P"
Rev: Roman eagle between two standards

. Metal: Silver 3.3 grams, 19 mm diameter. Condition: VF

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History of Nero

Born in 37 AD, he was positioned by his mother Agippina to become Claudius's heir even above Claudius's own son Britannicus, whom he had killed shortly after taking power.

Nero is the emperor that nearly everyone has heard about. He is portrayed as a monstrous, self indulgent monarch who burned Rome to provide space for his mansion, who tortured and killed his opponents and led a pampered, extrvagant and sexually deviate life. He murdered two wives, his step brother, his mother and condemned many others to death, exile or suicide. On the other hand, he was a patron of the arts and the first five years of his reign are considered a time of moderate and responsible government.

The great fire in 64 AD, put a great financial burden on Nero. He resumed treason trials and raised taxes. When he returned from the Olympic games in late 67 AD, his support was almost gone due to the burden of high taxes and support shifted to the governor of Hispania "Galba". Nero made plans to flee, but his guards refused to help him. One of his freedman "Phaon" brought him to his villa, but when the guards came to arrest him, he exclaimed "What an artist the world is losing" before stabbing himself in the neck.

Nero was buried in his father's family tomb on the Pincian Hill. Although hated by the senate and rich due to his taxes and confiscations, he was still popular with the people who regulary decorated his tomb for many years after his death.