Roman Empire Otho Denarius 69 AD

Obv: Bare head r "IMP M OTHO CAESAR AVG TR P"

Rev: Victory advancing l "VICTORIA OTHONIS"

. Metal: Silver 3.25 grams, 18 mm diameter. Condition: F

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History of Otho

Otho was governor of Lusitania under Nero and was one of the first to support Galba. When Galba declared "Piso" to be his heir, Otho was angered because he thought that he should be the rightful successor. He took matters into his own hands and went to the Praetorian camp where he was declared emperor. When Galba attempted to meet the rebels, Otho's soldiers killed him.

Hoping to gain support from Neronian's, Otho ordered the statues of Nero restored and even reinstated some of Nero's officials. To avoid civil war, he tried to share power with Vitellius (declared emperor by the German legions) and even offered to marry Vitellius' daughter, however Vitellius's forces were on the move. At the battle of Cremona on 14 April the Othonians forces were comprehensively defeated and Otho committed suicide.