Numedia Micipas AE 25 148 - 118 BC

Obv: Head of Micipas left. Rev: Horse Galloping left pellet below. Metal: Bronze 14 grams, 25 mm diameter. Condition: F

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History of Numedia

Numedia an African Country bordering Carthage. The native people learned Greek ways from the Carthagians. Masinissa a friend of the Romans became ruler of Numidia in 202 BC after the defeat of Hannibal and Numedia became an ally of Rome. Masinissa died in 148 BC and his son Micipas became the ruler. Carthage attacked Numedia in 148 BC to enrage Rome, but lost against the Numedians decisively, none-the-less they sucessfully enraged Rome and started the 3rd Punic war, which resulted in the total destruction of Carthage.