Athens Tetradrachm after 393 BC

Obv: Head of Athena. Rev: Owl. Although the artistic quality of the coin improved from previous issues, notice the realistic eye in profile, the quality of the coin deteriorated significately.  Metal: Silver 17.19 grams, 21 mm diameter. Condition: VF nice coin for this issue

History Athens Decline

The Peloponnesian war 431 - 404 BC ended in financial ruin for Athens. Athens had continued to fight the war even though Sparta had made multiple requests for peace. The Athenians were so sure of themselves that they would not consider peace, but in the end they lost. The city of Athens was taken by Sparta in September 404 BC and they set up a governing oligarchy. Athens overthrew the Sparta government in 403 BC. Athens sided with Corinth in the Corinthian war against Sparta 394 BC - 387 BC (when Sparta was defeated). In 377 BC, the Athenian Alliance was established. Athens eventually falls with the rest of Greece to Phillip II of Macedonian in 338 BC.