Kindya Tetraobol (Samian)
about 500 BC

Obv: Head of sea monster (Ketos) left with pointed ear, pinnate mane, long snout, with mouth agap with protruding tongue.
Rev: Incuse with stellate pattern with latticed frame.
Metal silver 2.1 grams, 12 mm diameter. Condition: Good VF

History Kindya

Kindya is in Caria 20 km SW of Milas. It was of some importance in the 5th century BC since it paid one talent to the Delian Confederacy, but by the 3rdcentury BC it had been absorbed into Bargylia. Herodotos (5.118) mentions a Pixodaros, son of Mausolos of Kindya, presumably an ancestor of the Hekatomnids. Strabo speaks of Kindya as no longer existing. The city was primarily known for its principal deity, Artemis Kindyas, whose temple was believed to be immune from rainfall; she later became a chief deity of Bargylia.
The ruins are on a steep hill above the village. The city wall enclosed an area some 450 by 200 meters.

The temple contained the statue of Artemis Kindyas under the bare sky. According to legend neither rain nor snow ever fell on it.