Senones Tribe Gaul (Sens France) 1st century BC

Obv: Head right. Rev: Wild horse galloping left with 2 pellets below. Metal: Silver 3.7 grams, 18mm diameter. Condition: VF.

History French Celtic Coinage

The Tribes outside Greek and/or Roman Territories would have commerce with the civilized states and learned to like coinage. When coinage dried up for various reasons, they would strike their own versions. These coins are usually highly stylized. Celtic coins were made in Gaul, Spain, England and north of the Rhine. In France, these coins generally date from about 100 BC until the various tribes were conquered by the Romans as late as the time of Christ. Julius Caesar after gaining the consulship in 59 BC set out to conquer Gaul primarily for political gains and to win a triumphant (must kill at least 5000 enemy). Caesar led an army of about 40,000 troops and between 58 and 50 BC he decisvely defeated the Gauls, but many in Rome considered this war in Gaul illegal and when Julius Caesar returned the Senate denide Caesar his triumphant. The senate feared that granting Caesar his triumphant and allowing his army to march through the city of Rome would assure Caesar's control of Rome. Caesar rejected the Senate and when he crossed the Rubicon river with his troops, for all pratically purposes he declared war on Rome and started a civil war against the Senate and led by the elder general Pompey.