Cilicia, Celenderis Stater 450 - 400 BC

Obv: Nude horseman left, riding sideways, whip in hand. Rev: Goat Kneeling. Metal: Silver 10.3 grams, 21 mm diameter. Condition: F crystalized.

<Meeting of Mark Antony and Cleopatra at Tarsos> 

Cilicia is located in the Eastern end of the Mediteranian. Legend has it that the capitol city "Tarsos" was established by "Sandoros" of Syria and populated by Samian people from Peloponnesos. "Tarsos" was the chief mint of the Persian Satraps. In 379 BC, the Satrap Pharnabazos was given the task by the Persian King to recapture Egypt as was Datames the Satrap of Cappadocia. A vast sum of silver was coined for this undertaking. In 374 BC, Pharnabazos died leaving Datames in charge of the Egytian campaign, but instead he used the resouces to lead a revolt against Persia.