Ptolemy XII Neos Dionysos Tetradrachm 80 - 58 BC dated 61 BC 

Obv: Head of Ptolemy I right. Rev: Eagle standing facing left date in field. Metal: Billion 13.2 grams, 25 mm diameter. This coin is part of a hoard found off Haifa. Condition: F original patina.

<Philae Island in the Nile>
History Egypt Ptolemy XII Neos Dionysos 80 - 51 BC

Son of Ptolemy IX by a Greek concubine. Ptolemy XII's father had competed for the throne with his brother Ptolemy X. Ptolemy IX ruled Egypt from 116 BC to 106 BC than fled to Cyprus when his brother Ptolemy X took the thone from 106 BC - to 88 BC. In 88 BC, Ptolemy X was driven out of Egypt and murdered at sea. Ptolemy the IX returned to the throne from 88 - 80 BC. Upon Ptolemy IX's death his son, Ptolemy XII, fled to Parthia under protection of the Parthian king Mithradates VI. The son of Ptolemy X (Ptolemy XI) took the throne by marrying his step-mother, wife of Ptolemy IX - then killed her. The people of Alexandria were outraged and killed Ptolemy XI after only 19 days of rule and recalled Ptolemy XII. Ptolemy XII was a weak ruler under the influence of Rome. He was unpopular and nick named "Auletes" (the flute player). He was eventually driven out of Egypt and fled to Rome. While Ptolemy XII was in Rome, his daughter Bernice conspired with her husband "Archelaus" (a friend of Mithridates VI) to take over rule of Egypt. Meanwhile, Ptolemy XII was organizing his return. He paid a large bribe to Julius Caesar to get recognition from Rome and paid the Roman pro-consul in Syria "Gabinius" another bribe to acquire 3 legions. Ptolemy XII retook his throne and had Archelaus and Bernice killed. He ruled for an additional 4 years, but only with the support of Roman troops. Polemy XII died in 51 BC and eventually was succeeded by his daugher the famous Cleopatra VII.