Cleopatra VII AE 80 Drachmai 52 - 30 BC 

Obv: Head of Cleopatra VII right. Rev: Eagle standing left on thunderbold in field double cornucopiae and value mark "Pi" = 80. Metal: Bronze 16.8 grams, 28 mm diameter. Since 480 bronze drachma were equal to 1 silver drachma this coin would have been equal in value to 1/6 drachm or an obol. Condition: VG.

<Philae Island in the Nile>
History Egypt Cleopatra VII 51 -30 BC

The Historical Cleopatra that tried to keep Egypt independent with her affairs with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. Ptolemy XII bequeathed Egypt to his daughter Cleopatra VII requiring her to marry her brother. At the age of 17, upon the death of her father, Cleopatra VII married her elder brother Ptolemy XIII. Ptolemy XIII immediately made plans to dispose of Cleopatra. She got word of the plot and fled to Syria. Meanwhile, Julius Caesar chased Pompey to Egypt. In Egypt, Caesar favored Cleopatra and she was put back on the throne and married her younger brother Ptolemy XIV. Eventually, Cleopatra was defeated by Augustus and committed suicide ending the Ptolemaic Dynasty of Egypt. She is said to be the only Ptolemy that could actually speak Egyptian.