Egypt Ptolemy IV (Philopator) AE 36 221 - 204 BC 

Obv: Diad. head of Zeus right. Rev: Eagle stg l on thunderbolts, wings open cornucopia on left wing; between legs "Lamda". Metal: Bronze 28.5 grams, 36 mm diameter. Condition: VF

<Philae Island in the Nile>
History Egypt Ptolemy IV (Philopator) 221 - 204 BC

Ancient historians agree that Ptolemy IV Philopator was a sot and a soft voluptuary, under whose reign Egypt fell from a powerful and widely respected nation to a feeble country from which she never recovered. Philopator was only interested in his own ease and constant pursuit of pleasure and allowed himself and the kingdom to be controlled by "Sosibius" who is described as "cunning and world-practised old scoundrel". Philopator died under mysterious circumstances and his sister/wife Arsinoe III was murdered. Philopator's death was kept a secret for a long time by Sosibius. When the announcement of Philopator's death and the crowning of his young son was finally made resentment of the murder spread amongst the public and eventually there was a popular uprising which ended with the slaughter of all of the conspirators.