Egypt Ptolemy III (Euergetes) AE 33 246 - 221 BC 

Obv: Diad. head of Zeus right. Rev: Eagle stg l on thunderbolts, wings closed cornucopia in left field. Metal: Bronze 36 grams, 33 mm diameter. Condition: VF.

<Philae Island in the Nile>
History Egypt Ptolemy III (Euergetes) 246 - 221 BC

Son of Ptolemy II. Shortly after taking the throne, Ptolemy III was called to the Syrian court of Antiochus II to support Bernice his sister and wife of Antiochus II. While en route, various palace intrigues resulted in the death of Ptolemy's sister and nephew. When Ptolemy III arrived, he sacked Antioch and then campaigned in Babylon for the next 5 years. His wife Bernice was left in charge of Egypt. After conquering Babylonia and Mesopotamia, he was forced to return to Egypt to settle internal disputes. Under Ptolemy III's rule, Ptolemaic Egypt reached its highest point and maximum territory. His death ended nearly 100 years of good Ptolemaic rule over Egypt.