Tyre, Egypt Ptolemy V (Epiphanes) Tetradrachm 203 - 181 BC 

Obv: Ptolemy V right
. Rev: Eagle standing left on thunderbolt, club left surmounted by TYP monogram, DI between legs, NI right
E. Metal: Silver 14.03 grams, 28 mm diameter. Condition: VF, some light die rust on obverse, light encrustation around devices

<Philae Island in the Nile>
History Egypt Ptolemy V (Epiphanes) 203 - 181 BC

Early in Ptolemy V (Epiphanes) reign Philip V of Macdon and Antiochus III of Syria moved against Egypt and finally at the decisive battle of Panion (200 BC) Egypt was forced back to her own borders. After its defeat Egypt remained at peace with her neighbors, however it took some years to suppress native rebellions within Egypt itself. Ptolemy V had a vigorous personality and devoted his time to hunting and athletic excercises. His early coins in particular from the mints of Phoenicia (including Tyre), Syria and Palistine bear his young portrait with an up and coming feel about them. Epiphanes married Cleopatra I the daughter of Antiochus III and had three childred (2 boys and 1 girl). He died at the early age of 28.