Ptolemy VIII Euergetes Tetradrachm 170 - 146 BC 

Obv: Head of Ptolemy I right. Rev: Eagle standing facing left. Metal: Silver 14.5 grams, 28 mm diameter. Condition: EF.

History Egypt Ptolemy VIII

Brother of Ptolemy VI they jointly ruled Egypt from 170 - 164 BC, but they had a breach in their relationship and the younger had to leave Egypt and took control of Kyrenaicia. When Ptolemy VI died, Ptolemy VIII claimed the throne and married Cleopatra II his sister and the widowed wife of Ptolemy VI. He was captivated by his niece and also married her so, he was married to mother, daughter, sister, and niece. He disposed of the legitament heir Ptolemy VII, son of Ptolemy VI. Although he ruled a long time 145 - 116 BC, Ptolemy VIII was unpopular and nick named "Physcon" or "pot belly". Once in a fit of revenge against Cleopatra II he killed their own son (his son) and sent the body parts to Cleopatra II as a birthday present.