Ptolemy II Philadelphos right Tetradrachm 285 - 246 BC dated 247 BC mint Tyre 

Obv: Head of Ptolemy I right. Rev: Eagle standing facing left date, club and Tyre monogram in field. Metal: Silver 14.7 grams, 25 mm diameter. Condition: good VF/EF.

<Philae Island in the Nile>
History Egypt Ptolemy II Philadelphos

Son of Ptolemy I and was elevated to co-ruler 2 years prior to Ptolemy I's death. Ptolemy II encouraged intellectual pursuits and during his reign he added a museum, the famous library, and one of the "7 Wonders of the world" Pharos light house to the city of Alexandria. Although, he encouraged intellectual pursuits he also enjoyed pomp and luxury. This was a very successful reign and saw expansion of Ptolemaic possessions throughout the Mediterranian and internal stability within Egypt.