Tyre Ptolemy IV (Philopator) AE 18 221 - 204 BC 

Obv: Diad. head of Zeus right. Rev: Eagle stg l on thunderbolts, wings closed club in left field. Metal: Bronze 5.3 grams, 18 mm diameter. Condition: VF

<Philae Island in the Nile>
History Egypt Ptolemy IV (Phiopator) 221 - 204 BC

Son of Ptolemy III spent his time in self-indulgences and drunken orgies. This was encouraged by his advisor "Sosibius". Acting on advise by "Sosibius" Ptolemy IV had his mother and brother poisoned and scalded to death. Antiochus III used this period of incompetent rule to move into Phonecia. Ptolemy IV hired foreign mercenaires to train his army and at the battle of Raphia in 216 BC defeated Antiochus III. Unfortunately the returning troops led revolts against Ptolemy IV in the delta region. Ptolemy IV died at the age of 40.