Thessalian League Double Victoriatus 196 - 146 BC

Obv: Head of Zeus crowned with oak monogram behind. Rev: Athena Itonia advancing right brandishing spear and holding shield - Greek letters QESA LEG ΘΕΣΛΕΓ. Greek letters KLEP POS GORQEPAS ΚΛΕΠΠΟΣΓΟΡΘΕΡΑΣ.

Metal: Silver 6 grams, 22 mm diameter. Condition: EF toned.

History of Thessalian League

The Thessalian League/confederacy was made up of several cities in the Thessalian valley in Northern Greece. This area was completely surrounded by mountains and isolated except for a few passes. It was one of the few areas of Greece self-sufficient in grain and produced livestock and horses. Thessaly had the best calvary in Greece. The league was frequently weakened by intercity rivalries and lost its strength in the 5th century BC. The league was re-established in 374 BC by the tyrant Jason. He was assassinated in 370 BC, when it became evident that he had plans of conquest against the rest of Greece. After the death of Jason, there was infighting in the league and some of the cities requested help from Philip II of Macedon to settle the rivalries, which he accomplished in 353 BC. A few years later (344 BC), Philip II simply took control of the entire area. Thessaly remained under Macedonian control until Macedonia was defeated by the Romans in 197 BC. A new league was established in 196 BC. The league continued until 146 BC, then became part of the Roman province of Macedonia.