Militos 12th Stater 6th century BC

Obv: Head of roaring lion to left. Rev: Star patern. Metal: Silver 1.2 grams, 11 mm diameter. Condition: VF.

History of Ancient Militos

On the Western coast of what is now Turkey, bordering Lydia. Militos was an old important city dating from the 2nd milinium BC. It had 4 ports. Legend has it that the city was founded when the Greek prince "Neleus" attacked the local inhabitants, killed all the males and married the widows. According to Homer they fought with the Trojans. The city became vary prosperous in the 7th century BC and according to ancient sources they established over 90 colonies and many of their citizens excelled in Philosophy, Geography, and Architecture. The city had factories that produced beds, musical instruments, shoes, cloaks and weapons, they drew raw materials from their many colonies. Her great wealth helped the city to be banker to the Archaic Greek world. In the 5th century BC, Athens adopted the Milesian alphabet and it became the Greek standard. In 546 BC, along with the other Ionian cities, Militos fell to the Persians. In 499 BC, Militos led a revolt against the Persians. At the sea battle of Lade they lost 80 ships and were economically decimated. The victorious Persians destroyed the city in 494 BC. Militos never recovered its importance, but continued as a major metropolis until Roman times.