Roman Republic Julius Caesar Denarius 59 - 44 BC

Obv: Head right. Rev: Bull butting "Regulus" below. Metal: Silver 2.7 grams, 20 mm diameter. Condition: EF light strike.

History of Julius Caesar 

Born in 100 BC Julius Caesar was an ambitions man who borrowed heavily to rise in Roman politics. He formed an alliance with Crassus (wealthy), Pompey (powerful), and himself (popular) and was elected consul in 59 BC. With the consulship, he was given an army. He fought a war against the tribes of Gaul until 50 BC, also crossed over to Britain but found it of little value. With his victories, he wanted to return to Rome with his army and receive a Triumphant, but it was denide by the Senate. He came anyway and with the crossing of the river Rubicon effectively declared war on Rome. A civil war between himself and Pompey followed. Eventually Caesar chased Pompey to Egypt where he became involved with Cleopatra. He returned to Rome the undisputed head of the Roman world. Caesar's power and popularity scared the Senate and they assassinated Caesar on the Ides of March 44 BC in the name of liberty.