Macedon Philip V and Perseus 185 - 168 BC Tetrobol

Obv: Macedonian shield. Rev: Prow of vessel "Makedronian" (in Greek). Metal: Silver 1.84 grams, 13 mm diameter. Condition: VF.

<Alexander Riding Bucephalus> 
History of Macedon - Philip V 221 - 179 BC and his son Perseus 179 BC - 168 BC. 

Philip V made the mistake of antagonizing Rome and in 197 BC  he was crushed. Although he remained in power the days of Macedon were numbered. On his death, his son Perseus became the last king of Macedonian, but already it was basically controlled by Rome. Perseus's military manuvering worried Rome and in 168 BC at the battle of Pydna Perseus lost the Kingdom to the Romans.