Parthia Artabanus III Dram 80 - 90 AD

Obv: Kings head left. Rev: Archer seated holding bow. Metal: Silver 3.7 grams, 21 mm diameter. Condition: F+. 

History of Parthia

Parthia began small when Arsakes I of the Parthian Satrapy led a successful rebellion against Selukid rule in 238 BC. The Parthians created an empire covering most of the old Persian Empire except along the Mediteranian coast that Romans tenaciously held. Although many wars were fought between the Romans and Parthians the Romans never had a successful campaign into Parthian territory and generally only recovered previously lost territories. In 224 AD, the Parthian Govenor of the province of Persis (Ardashir) revolted and established the Sasanid dynasty. The last Parthian king Vologases VI was defeated in 228 AD. It should be noted that any reference by Romans to Parthia after 228 AD should actually be to Sasanid.