Sasanian Drachm

Obv: Kings head right. Rev: Two fire watchers guarding the eternal flame. Metal: Silver 4.2 grams, 32 mm diameter. Condition: F+.

History of Sasanid

In 224 AD, Ardashir, the Parthian Govenor of the province of Persis. revolted against Parthian rule and overthrew the Parthian King Artabanus IV and established the Sasanid Dynasty. The empire survived until 641 AD when it was defeated by the forces of Islam. Any reference by the Romans to the Parthians after 228 AD should actually refer to the Sasanids. The Sasanians originated in the area that practiced Zoroastrianism a religion dating back to the 6th century BC. Zoroastrianism taught to be good and avoid evil. The religion believed in the conflict between good and evil and light vs dark and taught against polytheism and may be the basis of current monotheism religions. The eternal flames represented on the coins are probably from naturally burning gas seeps in present day Iraq.