Nabataea, Aretas IV 9 BC - 40 AD coin struck circa 39/40 AD

Obv: Conjoined Busts of Aretas IV and Queen Shaquilath
Rev: Crossed Cornocopia with Nabataean legend in three lines "ARETAS SHAQUILATH"
  Metal: Bronze 4.04 grams, 19 mm diameter.

Condition: good f/abt F

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Aretas of Nabataea and Paul the Apostle

Aretas was the father-in-law of King Herod and the foe of Paul the Apostle. It was a deputy of Aretas who pursued Paul to Damascus where the apostle narrowly escaped over the city wall ( Corinthians II :32:33), let down in a basket. There is evidence that Paul was a Kinsman of Herod (in his letter to the Romans, Paul asks that a greeting be sent to his kinsman there, Herodion or "Little Herod". This relationship may explain Paul's Roman citizenship and his "civil service" position as persecutor of the Church. Paul writes to the church in Galatia that upon his conversion, he sought refuge in "Arabia" (Galatians 1:17) the kingdom of (his kinsman by marriage) Aretas. But by becoming a friend of the Christians, Paul became an enemy of the political powers of the day, relatives or not.