Peloponnessos, Sicyon Hemidrachm 400 - 300 BC

Obv:Chimaera. Rev: Dove. Metal: Silver 2.4 grams, 16 mm diameter. Condition: F.

>Disposal of Persian Ambasador in Sparta>
History of Sicyon

Sicyon is an ancient Greek city in Northern Peloponnessos near the Isthmus of Corinth dating from the time of Agamemnon. Like most Greek city states, it was ruled by tyrants during the 7th and 6th century BC. Meanwhile, the Spartans were firming up their control of Peloponnessos and freed Sicyon from the tyrant familiy of "Orthagoridai" in 550 BC. This gave the Spartans important access to the Corinthian Gulf and they continued to help free Greek city states (Samos - 522 BC and Athens - 510 BC) from their tyrant rulers. Sicyon joined the Peloponnessian League dominated by Sparta. Sparta was the only city that could call a meeting of the League. At these meetings a majority vote would commit the league to militarily support Sparta. The Spartans were an elite militaristic society that used serfs to do their domestic work. Sparta paid a high social price for their military power. To maintain their "Spartan" life they rejected coinage and concentrated on producing strong, violent, ruthless and obedient men. They were very superstitious/religious and had many painful rituals. The Spartans prided themselves that their city had no walls and depended on the abilities of their fighting men for protection.