Tyre Dinar Al-Mustansir dated 442 AH (1051 AD)

Obv: Arabic Legend in 3 circles outer: Mohamed Rassul Allah...Walaw Kariha Al-Mushrikun; middle: Wa Ala Afdal Al Waseyyin, Wa Wazir Khayr Al Mursalin; inner: La Ilaha Illa Wahdahu La Sharik Lahu Rev: Arabic Legend in 3 circles outer: Bism Illah, Duriba Haza Al Dynar Bi Sour Sanat Ithnain Wa Arba'in Wa Arba 'Ama' At; middle: Da'a Al Imam Ma'ed Li Tawhid Al. Ilaha Al Samad; inner: Al Mustansir Bellah Amir Al Mu'Menin. Metal: Fine Gold; 4.19 grams, 23 mm diameter. Minted in Sour the Arabic name for Tyre; Condition: VF - RARE.

<Alexander the Great building a causway to Tyre being attacked
By Tyre's Navy>
History Tyre under the Fatimid's 

In 636 AD, Tyre offered no resistance and surrendered to Yazid Ibn Abi Sufyan and his brother Mucawiyah and became a Muslim city. The Abbasid caliphate declined and in 969 AD Tyre (Sour) became part of the Egyptian Fatimid Empire. The Fatimids were a Shiite dynasty claiming descent from "Alid". The Fatimid Dynasty derives its name from "Fatima", but we do not know if the "Fatimid" caliphs ever referred to themselves as "Fatimids" Under the Dynasty of Banu Aquil vassal of the Fatimid's, Tyre gained some independence. This was a prosperous time for Tyre and the city was adored with fountains and its bazaars were full of merchandise including carpets and jewlery of silver and gold. Abi Tamim Ma'ed Al Mustanser Beliah known as Al-Mustansir (427 -487 AH or 1036 - 1094 AD) was one of the strongest Fatimid rulers and remained in power for the longest period of time. 

In 1110 AD the city of Acre was taken by the Crusaders and in 1111 AD, the crusader Baldwin I unsuccessfully besieged Tyre for 5 months. On 29 June 1124 AD, Tyre surrendered to the crusaders. In 567 AH (+/- 1172 AD) the Faimid's lost Palestine and Syria to Salah-al-Din (Saladin). Saladin unsuccessfully besieged Tyre between 8 November 1187 AD until 3 January 1188 AD. In the treaty of 1192 AD, between Richard the Lion Hearted and Saladin, it was agreed that the cities of "Tyre", "Acre", and "Jaffa" and the castles and other smaller towns along the coast were not to be attacked by Saladin for at least 3 years.