Phonicia, Tyre AR Denier Amaury II (1197 - 1205 AD)

Obv: Cross. Rev: Holy Sepulchret. This coin probably struck in Tyre. Metal: Billion 0.8 Grams, 14 mm diameter. Condition: good VF.


Crusader Castle near Tyre


Amaury II

Amaury II (Amalric) of Lusignan (brother of Guy), was King of Cyprus (1194-1205), he was elected king of Jerusalem by the crusading army at Tyre, and married Isabel, daughter of Amaury I of Jerusalem (1162-73). He then added the title of Jerusalem to that of Cyprus
From his time the Lusignan kings of Cyprus used the title of "King of Jerusalem" and included it on their coat of arms.