Tyre Shekel Late 3rd Century BC

Obv: King or Hero on hippocamp aiming bow, r waves and fish below all surrounded by cable border - thick fabric - 3rd Series
Rev: Owl with crook and flail Phoenician M in field
Metal foureer 11.85 grams, 20 mm diameter. Condition: F.-fouree

<Alexander the Great building a causway to Tyre being attacked by Tyre's Navy> 
History of Tyre - Ancient

Tyre was one of three (3) independently developed defensible Coastal Towns (the other two were Byblos and Sidon). As the Phoneicians expanded a string of hundreds of settlements and trading posts were established including Cyprus, Rhodes, Crete, Sicily, Malta, Mogador, Morocco, North Africa, Huelva, Valencia etc. each about 30 to 60 mile distance (one day travel using by "oar"). The purpose was to obtain raw materials for the trade with Egypt and the East.