Tyre Shekel Late 4th Century BC

Obv: King or Hero on hippocamp aiming bow, r waves and fish below all surrounded by cable border - thick fabric - 3rd Series
Rev: Owl with crook and flail Phoenicia M in field
Metal: silver; 13.25 grams, 21 mm diameter. Condition: F.

<Alexander the Great building a causway to Tyre being attacked by Tyre's Navy> 
History of Tyre - Ancient

Tyre was involve in coastal trade from as early as 3000 BC. Early trade included cedar trees, manufacture of glass and import of silk with trade from India, but most important was Tyrian Purple which was maybe the most extravage products of the ancient world. Just the cost of one robe would have cost the equivalent of one years income for a sea captains pay. The most extravagance ever witnessed was an entire mainsail of Tyrian Purple used for Cleopatra's flag ship.