Tyre Shekel 4th Century BC Thin style

Obv: King or Hero on hippocamp, r waves and fish below
Rev: Owl with crook and flail
Metal Silver 13.6 grams, 22 mm diameter. Condition: F+ test cut.

<Alexander the Great building a causway to Tyre being attacked by Tyre's Navy> 
History of Tyre - Ancient

In 2500 BC, the people of the Mediterranean basin were still in the stone age with only copper. On arrival in the Atlantic and the coast of France the Phoenicians for the the first time came upon tin and learned the technoly necessary to create bronze, which is stronger and less prone to rusting than copper. So important was the discovery that the land was named "Barra Tannica" (land of tin) or Brittany. Specialist say the Druids controlled the trade from Cornwall in the North to France in the West to Huelva in the South. The Phoenicians kept their contacts with the Druids as a national secret even to the point of destroying their own ships if followed. In addition there is evidence that the Phoenicians restricted the Greeks in the Aegean Sea by their control of long straight Cedar timbers and the bronze for their ship's fixings, claddings and battering rams.. This monopoly on tin and quality sea going vessels gave the Phoenicians security and military power for over 1000 years.