Tyre Didrachm 360 - 332 BC

Obv: Melqarth riding on a Hippocamp, holding a bow; waves and dolphin below. Rev: Owl standing right head facing, carrying a crook and flail with Phoenician number III0. Metal: Silver 8.87 grams (Attica weight standard?), 18 mm diameter. Condition: nice F.

<Alexander the Great building a causway to Tyre being attacked
By Tyre's Navy>
History of Tyre 

Tyre was one of the principle cities of the Phoenician coast and founder of the city of Carthage which controlled most of the trade with Western Europe including the rich mines of Spain. Tyre was a world-wide trading city based on their maintaining of a strong fleet that protected trade vessels. They dealt mostly in precious goods including Myrrh, linen, bronze and items made in Tyre's own foundries from iron, tin, lead, sliver, gold, and glass. Their trade included lapis lazuli from Bactria (Afganistan), ebony from India, papyrus from Egypt and pottery from Iberia. Tyre was famous for its glass that included transparent glass and glass of more beautiful colors than glass produced in Egypt. Above all they were known for their Purple dye from the murex shell.