Phoenicia, Tyre AE 19 Civic issue 1st -2nd century AD

Obv: Veiled and turreted bust of Tyche right palm over shoulder
Rev: Pentekonter left
7.29 Grams, 19 mm diameter. Condition: Good F, dark green and brown patina, date off flan


Ruins of Main Road of Tyre "as is"


Tyre Pentekonter

The pentekonter was a ship developed in the ninth century BC by the Phoenicians. This ship was a long vessel with a shallow draft and a single row of twenty-five oars on each side. It had a bronze ram and so was a prototype for the Greek Trieme. A line of shields along the gunwale, provided by the soldiers who also manned the vessel, protected the oarsmen. Due to the military advantages of such ships and the great naval capabilities of the sailors themselves, the Phoenician pentekonters were the choice of the Persians for their imperial navy. This close relationship may have been the inspiration then for the introduction of the ship as a design type on coins.