Tyre Alexander the Great Tetradrachm 336 - 323 BC

Obv: Herakles wearing lion head headdress. Rev: Zeus seated. Metal: Silver 17.01 grams, 27 mm diameter. Condition: VF with old cabinet toning.

<Alexander the Great building a causway to Tyre being attacked by Tyre's navy> 
History of Tyre 

Tyre was an island city located off the coast of Phoenicia. When Alexander III arrived and demanded the Tyrians to surrender, they were in a very difficult position. They knew that the Great Persian King Darius III was on his way, but they also knew that this young Macedonian King took great revenge on cities that stood their ground. Who to offend the Persian King or this young upstart. They chose to wait for the Persian King on their island with its great walls. Alexander III commenced to build a causeway from the mainland to the island. Although the Tyrians used all their naval might to stop the construction, Alexander's causeway was completed and the walls of Tyre were breached with battering rams. The inhabitants of Tyre were slaughtered without mercy.