Tyre Alexander the Great Drachm 336 - 323 BC

Obv: Herakles wearing lion head headdress. Rev: Zeus seated. Metal: Silver 4.2 grams, 19 mm diameter. Condition: abt VF.

<Alexander the Great building a causeway to Tyre being attacked by Tyre's navy>
History of Tyre 

Tyre made one of the strongest stands against Alexander III "the Great" on their island fortress. They used their mighty navy against the relentless construction of a causeway by Alexander's army. Tyre's navy forced Alexander to construct defensive towers as he progressed. The Tyrians crashed flamming unmaned galleys into the construction works, but in the end they failed to stop the construction. Fortunately most of the inhabitants were evacuated by sea to the Tyrian colony of Carthage for when the walls finally fell, Alexander III took great revenge against the remaining inhabitants. The causeway caused the channel to the mainland to siltup and now Tyre is a penninsula to the mainland.