Roman Province Tyre Trajan 97 - 117 AD

Obv: Small head above eagle with closed wings with club to right. Rev: Head of Melquart right.  Metal: Silver 14.9 grams, 27 mm diameter. Condition: VF.

History of Tyre as Roman Province under Trajan 

Tyre was part of the Roman province of Syria. After Nerva's death in 98 AD, Trajan became emperor in a smooth transition. Trajan's position was unopposed and instead of returning to Rome he toured the Rhine and Danube frontiers. Trajan arrived in Rome in 99 AD, which was an occassion of great rejoicing. He gave formal acceptance to the Senate, although in reality he tighly held all imperial authority. Trajan restored the road system and he set-up public medical assistance for the poor. He was fond of hunting, boys, and wine but he never harmed anyone or became drunk .