Rome, Elagabalus Tyre mint AE27 218 - 222 AD

Obv: Laureated Head Right Rev: Astarte before trophy; standard and murex shell in field.
. Metal: Bronze 12.6 Grams, 27 mm diameter. Condition: VF, brown patina, pit on cheek and slight roughness

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History of Elagabalus 218 - 222 AD

Elagabaluls was born in 203 or 204 at Emese in Syria under the name Avitus Bassiarnus, he was the grandson of Julia Maesa the younger sister of Julia Domna, although he was the son of Sextus Varius Marcellus his mother pretended and let it be known that he was actually the son of Caracalla. On 16 May 218, Gannys (his mother's lover) brought Elagabalus into the camp of the third legion and, as the so-called son of Caracalla, had him procliamed emperor. The troops easily defeated Macrimus and he was recognized on 8 June 218 as emperor of Rome throughout the empire. He was a bisexual and a practice transvestite and thus became very unpopular and was assassinated by his own troops on 11 March 222. He is described as follows in "Historia Augusta".

He would wear a tunic made wholly of cloth of gold, or one made of purple, or a Persian one studded with jewels, and at such times he would say that he felt oppressed by the weight of his pleasures. He even wore jewels on his shoes, sometimes engraved ones - a practive which aroused the drision of all, as if, forsooth, the engraving of famous artist could be seen on jewels attached to his feet. He wished to wear also a jewelled diadem in order that his beauty might be increased and his face look more like a woman's; and in his own huse he did wear one.