Rome, Gordian III Tyre mint AE30 238 - 244 AD

Obv: Laureated, drapped and cuirassed bust r
Rev: Olive tree between the Ambrosial Rocks

Metal: Bronze 18.7 Grams, 30 mm diameter. Condition: abt VF with some mint adjustment marks on top part of reverse

<Roman Aqueduct and Arcade at Tyre> 
History of Gordian III 238 - 244 AD

In the beginning of 238 the people had had enough of the taxes imposed by Maximinus and a rebellion started in North Africa where the young aristocrats chose the governor Gordian I to be emperor. The senate agreed adding his son Gordian II as co-emperor. The revolt did not go well and Gordian II died in battle and upon hearing the news Gordian I killed himself. The Senate, having supported the Gordian rebellion, expecting no mercy, so in defiance they gambled and declared two elderly senators "Pupienus" and "Balbinus" as joint emperors. However, the Roman people did not have any regard for the two patricians and demanded that the new emperor be from the Gordian family. As a compromise the young Gordian III was appointed caesar. The army did not want a civil war and killed Maximus. However, the Praetorian guard in Rome disliked serving under an emperor chosen by the senate. Pupienus and Balbinus were seized dragged naked through the streets of Rome, mutilated and murdered.

The Praetorian guard delclared Gordian III emperor. The young Gordian had a trusted advisor "Timesitheus" who he appointed to command the praetorian guard. In 241 Shapur I of Persia assaulted Roman territory. Timesitheus led the eastern expedition. In 243, he defeated the Persians at Rhesaina and recovered Carrhae and Nisibis, but Timesistheus fell ill and died. He was replaced by Philip the Arab, who rather than continue the campaign against the Persians turned his sights towards becoming emperor. Military difficulties were blamed on the incompetence of the young Gordian III (now 19) and Philip manipulated the situation so that he was appointed regent. Gordian III found his position intolerable and at a camp near Circesium he called upon the soldiers to choose between Philip and himself - the soldiers killed Gordian.