Rome, Macrinus Tyre mint Shekel 217 - 218 AD

Obv: Laureated Head right

Rev: Eagle with head and tail left with wings spread standing on club with haft to left, murex shell between legs

Metal: Billion 10.55 Grams, 26 mm diameter. Condition: Good fine

<Roman Aqueduct and Arcade at Tyre> 
History of Macrinus 217 - 218 AD

Macrinus was born in Caesarea. He was a lawyer and rose to the rank of praetrian prefect under Caracalla. Macrinus was probably involved with the murder of Caracalla, but after assuring the troops that the popular Caracalla had died of natural causes he was hailed emperor on 8 April 217. Macrinus was the first emperor that was not from the senatorial ranks.

At first Macrinus continued the war against the Persians, but he soon tired of the endeavor and sued for peace by paying a large sum of money, which did not please his soldiers. A revolt led by Julia Maesa (sister of the popular wife of Septimius Severus - Julia Domna) and her daughter Julia Soaemias in favor of her young son - Elagabalus (who they falsely claimed was the son of the popular Caracalla) resulted in a serious fight, but eventually the revolutionaires won and army changed their support to Elagabalus.

Macrinus fled but was captured and executed, but not before he had received word that his beloved son Diadumenian had already been executed.