Rome, Titus Tyre mint Shekel 79 - 81 AD

Obv: Laureated head r.
Rev: Eagle l. club in field
Metal: Silver 11.55 Grams, 25 mm diameter. Condition: F

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History of Titus 79 - 81AD

Titus was born in 39 AD and was brought up in the emperial court of Claudius along with Claudius' son "Britannicus" and shared the same teachers. He was even seated next to Britannicus when he was poisoned sharing some of the poissoned wine that caused him to become seriously ill.

At the age of 27, Titus joined his father "Vespasian" in the war in Judea commanding legion XV and was given sole command in 69 AD when Vespasian became occupied with the rebellion against Vitellius. Upon "Vespasian's" elevation to Emperor, Titus and his younger brother Domitian were both hailed as Caesars.

Titus finished the war in Judea and returned to Roman and participated in a triumph along with his father in early 71 AD. In Rome, Titus was given command of the praetorian guard. As Caesar Titus was not popular, but upon his father's death he succeeded smoothly.

During his reign he reversed his unpopularity he had cordial relations with the senate and opened the Colosseum in Rome in June 80 AD. One story is that at dinner one night he realized that he had not done any good deed that day and is quoted as saying "Friends, I have lost a day".