Roman Province Tyre Trajan 97 - 117 AD

Obv: Head. Rev: Eagle.  Metal: Silver 13.7 grams, 26 mm diameter. Condition: VF.

History of Tyre under Trajan 

Tyre was part of the Roman province of Syria. Trajan was probably Romes best emperor. Cassius states "he had good relations with the senate and was loved by all and dreaded by none except the enemy". Trajan was born in Italica Spain near modern day Seville. He was the first non-Italian emperor. His father was a commander in the Jewish war and made consul in 70 AD, followed by governor of Syria and later governor of the Spanish province of Baetica. Having a distinguished father gave Trajan a good start and he was made a military tribune in Syria while his father was governor. Later he was made commander of the 7th legion in Spain. As commander, he assisted Domitian in 89 AD in the Rhine region against the rebellion by Saturnius, thus finding favor with Domitian and becoming consul in 91 AD. On Nerva's accession in 96 AD, Trajan was appointed governor of upper Germany and later that same year he was adopted by Nerva as his heir. This gave Nerva very important political, popular, and military support. In 98 AD, Nerva died and Trajan became emperor in a smooth transition.