Roman Province Tyre Trajan 97 - 117 AD

Obv: Small head above eagle with closed wings with club to left. Rev: City Goddess sitting on rock God swimming at feet. Metal: Silver 14.0 grams, 26 mm diameter. Condition: good F.

History of Tyre as Roman province under Trajan 

Tyre was part of the Roman Province of Syria. Trajan excelled at war and was popular with his troops. During his reign he fought two wars in Dacia as recorded on "Trajan's column" in Rome and his greatist architectural achievement was a bridge across the Danube. On returning from Dacia in 107 AD, he was given a Triumph with great games that included 10,000 gladiators and 11,000 animals. He used some of his Dacia booty for public works. In 114 AD, he returned to war and spent the rest of his life at war with the Parthians. In 116 AD, he conquered all of Mesopotamia including the Parthian capital near Bagdad. Trajan had extended Rome to its widest extent. But, this was quickly reversed and in 117 AD Trajan had to withdraw. A Jewish revolt broke out throughout the empire and Trajan returned to Rome in order to take charge of the crisis, but he suffered a stroke (he suspected poisoning) that left him partially paralyzed and in August 117 AD he died. Part of a prayer for future emperors included "may you be more favored than Augustus and better than Trajan".