Rome, Trebonianus Gallus Tyre mint AE27 251 - 253 AD

Obv: Laureated head right
Right Rev:Poseidon
Metal: Bronze 15.55 Grams, 27 mm diameter. Condition: F

<Roman Aqueduct and Arcade at Tyre> 
History of Trebonianus Gallus 251 - 253 AD

Little is known of Gallus' early life, but he had a distinguished political career as a leading senator and consulship in 245. In 250 he was appointed governor of Upper and Lower Moesia. When he arrived there was an invasion by the Goths and Carpi, which he was unable to put down. Even the army under the emperor Trajan Decius failed to put down the revolt. In 251, Decius was defeated and killed by the Goths in one of the greatest defeats of the Roman army. Trebonianus Gallus was in command of the reserves, it is not known if the reserve forces had performed their duty or not, but on the death of Decius; Trebonianus was promptly hailed emperor.

Trebonianus Gallus' first act was to negotiate a peace with Gauls including a large annual tribute payment. When he returned to Rome Gallus firmed his position by raising Trajan Decius' son "Hostilian" to the rank of Augustus. This was a difficult time for Rome the plague had been ravaging the empire for 15 years and Shapur I was successfully invading the east. Trebonianus Gallus blamed the troubles on the Christians and renewed persecutions.

The only military success was in the Danubian region under the general Aemilian, unfortunate Aemilian victories culminated in his troops declaring him emperor. Gallus was unable to muster a significat army against Aemilian's veteran forces and both Gallus and his son Volusian were murdered by their own soldiers, who were unwilling to fight the superior forces of Aemilian.