Sicily Katana Tetradrachm 461 - 431 BC

Obv: Slow quadriga driven right by male charioteer Nike above. Rev: Head of Apollo right.  Metal: Silver 17.3 grams, 26 mm diameter. Condition: VF.

 <First Punic War naval battle for Sicily>
History of Ancient Katane

On the east coast of Sicily. In 476 BC Katane was captured by Hieron of Syracuse and the name was changed to Aitna. Fifteen years later, the Syracuse colonist were expelled and the name returned to Katane. In 415 BC, "Alcibiades" convinced the Athenians to go to war against Sicily as a starting point to take Carthage and Italy. In July 415 BC, Alcibiades with a large force of 140 triremes and 6400 men attacked and defeated Katane. Alcibiades was then recalled to Athens to stand trial leaving the war in Sicily to Nicias. In 414 BC, Nicias led an attack against Syracuse. After initial victories outside the city walls, Nicias decided to retire his forces to Katane for the winter. During this period, Syracuse strengthened its walls and received reinforcements from Corinth and Sparta. When the war resumed, the Athenians were defeated. In 404 BC, Katane was captured again by Syracuse and its poplulation sold into slavery.