Tyre, Selucid Antiochus VII (Euergetes/Sidetes) Tetradrachm 138 - 129 BC 

Obv: Head right. Rev: Athena standing left holding nike, spear, and shield Basileos Antiochus Euergetes with Tyre monogram Metal: Silver 16.56 grams, 31 mm diameter. Condition: Abt EF.

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History of Antiochus VII of Syria

In 140 BC, Antiochus's older Brother Demetrios II attacked the Parthians and was captured. Antiochus quickly took over power in Syria. He was one of the few good later kings of Syria and recaptured Palestine and Babylonia. Antiochus VII gave the Jews the right to issue their own low value copper coinage, however he deprived them of their basic rights. This led to the revolt that is celebrated as the festival of Hanukkah. He was killed in 129 BC in battle against the Parthians.