Tyre, Selucid Antiochus VII (Euergetes/Sidetes) Shekel 138 - 129 BC 

Obv: Head right. Rev: Eagle standing on thunderbolt left, date and club in field. Date 179 SE or 133/132 BC. Choice and really unique portrait style showing full drapery on the bust.
Metal: Silver 14.06 grams, 29 mm diameter. Condition: Good VF, scratches

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History of Antiochus VII of Syria

Antiochus VII was the son of Demetrios I who was sent away along with his brother Demetrios II for their own protection. Antiochus VII was raised in Side and became a man of strong character and ability. He decided to try to regain his rightful place. In 139 BC, he appeared suddenly in Syria and the people outraged by Tryphon flocked to his side. Tryphon committed suicide and Antiochus VII became the undisputed king. He married Cleopatra Thea, daughter of Ptolemy VI and previously married to both Demetrios II and Alexander I Balas - he had five sons. When the eastern provinces were taken, he was forced to war against Phraates II of Parthia and died in battle in 129 BC.