Tyre Selucid Shekel Alexander I Balas 150 - 145 BC

Obv: Head right. Rev: Eagle standing l on prow of galley, palm-branch behind right shoulder, club surmounted by Tyre monogram to l, CXP (year 166= 147/146) and monogram right
. Metal: Silver 14.21 grams, 27mm diameter. Condition: EF.

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History of Alexander I Balas

Alexander I Balas was the son of Antiochus IV. He was supported by a coalition from Cappadocia, Pergamum and Egypt against the unpopular king Demetrios I. Demetrios was defeated by the coalition in 150 BC and Alexander became king. Alexander was influenced by Ptolemy of Egypt and his coins are on the Phoenician standard of the Shekel rather than the previously used Athenian standard Tetradrachm and have the Ptolemaic Eagle on the reverse. Alexander led a wild life and became umpopular. The sons of Demetrios I (Demetrios II and Antiochus VII) were able to raise a force against him. Alexander was defeated at a major battle outside the walls of Antioch. Alexander fled to Arabia but was assassinated by the Arab chieftan from whom he had sought protection.