Syria Antiochus VII (Euergetes/Sidetes) Didrachm year 183 = 130/129 BC mint Tyre 

Obv: Head right. Rev: Eagle standing on prow facing left date, club and monogram of Tyre in field. Metal: Silver 7 grams, 20 mm diameter. Condition: EF.

<Attacking the Walls of Babylon> 
History of Antiochus VII of Syria

During the nine years of his reign Antiochus VII brought a certain measure of prosperity to the harrassed kingdom. By 130 BC he felt himself strong enough to fight the Parthians (under Mithradates son Phraates II). Antiochus at the head of a powerful army invaded Mesopotamia an was originally successful and recovered Babylonia and Media. His advance was delayed due to winter and he set up winter quaters at Ecbatana. He spread his army out for better access to winter provisions. Phraates used this delay and prepared a conspiracy with the inhabitants of Media. The day before spring the whole province arose and massacred the scattered forces of Antiochus. At the same time, Phraates advanced upon Ecbatana with his main army. The few forces that were with Antiochus were routed. Antiochus either died in battle or committed suicide and the Pathians recovered all the territories as far as the Euphrates.