Syria Antiochus VII (Euergetes/Sidetes) Tetradrachm 138 - 129 BC 

Obv: Head right. Rev: Athena standing left holding nike, spear, and shield Basileos Antiochus Euergetes with monogram D E (in Greek). Metal: Silver 17.1 grams, 31 mm diameter. Condition: EF.

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History of Antiochus VII of Syria

Demetrios I had sent his sons (Antiochus VII and Demetrios II) away prior to losing the kingdom to Alexander I Balas (Son on Antiochus IV) who was supported by Ariarathes V of Cappadocia, Attalus II of Pergamum and Ptolemy V of Egypt. Alexander led a wild life and became unpopular. Demetrios II (Antiochus VII brother) supported by Ptolemy VI collected a band of mercnaires and invade Palestine, Cilicia and Syria and eventually defeated Alexander. Demetios ruled from Antioch, but a former general "Diodotus Tryphon" proclaimed Alexander's infant son "Antiochus VI" as king. Demetrios was captured by the Parthians and his brother Antiochus VII decided to make his claim for the throne. The people of Syria outraged by Tryphon's misdeeds flocked to Antiochus VII. Who turned out to be one of the better late Selucid kings.